The Story of the Ontario Barn

The property is called Ontario Barn after the prominent and picturesque red barn that stands in its center.  This main barn, built in 1875, was most recently renovated in 2010, with the help of special friends and family, to become our wine room.  To see before and after photos of the barn renovation, click here.  

Our vision is to produce the very best artisan wines and to turn people on to them… and to delight our guests’ senses with the ambience of the rustic interior space and the beautiful outdoor spaces- the natural brightness, colors and fragrances of perennial gardens, lawns and pine woods.  Throughout the year, we feature special, original music and cultural events for public and private audiences.

Ontario Barn Vineyards is a rare example of a residential property being returned to agricultural use. In the early 19th century, the first fruit farmers settled the areas east of Rochester and eventually made Wayne County the largest fruit-producing area in the nation.  The property on Whitney Road was built in 1835 and included the house and back barn, both which are still in use today.

In the 1970s, owners Frank and Vera Fugmann, German-speaking immigrants of Hungarian and Croatian origins, raised their family on the Whitney Road farm, and it was Frank who planted the majority of Christmas trees, fruit trees and vineyards.

In 2005, Christopher Staub purchased the farm and adjacent land.  Just before closing on the property, Mr. Fugmann offered some secrets of old world wine and "champagne" making to Chris, who previously learned about winemaking from time spent in the Napa and Sonoma regions of California and the Hudson Valley region of New York.

We invite you to stop by this weekend and enjoy the wines!


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